Tips for Enjoying KERB Camden Market in London 

If there’s one way to truly treat yourself from time to time, it’s through incredibly scrumptious food. Read about our founder’s indulgent experience at one of London’s newest food markets: 
Having spent months researching (okay…stalking) London-based Instagram Influencers before moving to England, I built a healthy list of places I wanted to explore in London. So what was at the top of the list? Camden Market. With it’s eclectic mix of shops, restaurants, and interesting people I knew there would be enough to make a whole weekend out of just this one area of London. So which aspect did I enjoy the most? The food! 

Camden Market was already well known for its food stalls, but since KERB moved in earlier this year it’s practically become an International Food Festival. Except, unlike a short-lived festival that you long for all year, KERB is there – Every. Single. Day. – which is great because since the portions are almost as large as Camden’s crowds, it’ll take you several days (or weeks) to eat your way through KERB’s 35 food stalls. Thirty five!

Although I did not make it to all 35 in one weekend (remember, we’re talking full sized portions) I can, without a doubt, tell you one thing for certain: KERB Camden will forever change the way you think of food. The traders at this market are clearly culinary wizards because it seems each one has a way of putting a twist on favorite foods that will definitely leave you craving more.

Here are my three favorite foods from the weekend- and one dessert, of course. Warning: this list WILL make you want to put on your loosest fitting jeans, grab your best friend, and hop the tube to Camden. And there’s nothing wrong with that, so enjoy!


Bian Dang


Their Specialty: Taiwanese Lunch boxes with your choice of pork, chicken, or mushrooms on top of stir fried veggies with either rice or noodles -all served with a tea egg (an egg that’s been hard boiled in tea/spices)

My order: Oyster Mushroom Lunchbox with Noodles

The Twist: When I placed my order with the woman working the stall she enthusiastically told me this was her favorite dish. I assumed, like me, maybe she just enjoyed a good vegetarian dish from time to time. However, as soon as I got my food I realized its because these weren’t ordinary oyster mushrooms…these were oyster mushroom coated in sweet potato flour and deliciously fried to golden perfection. Their salty crunch was the perfect addition to an already mouthwatering lunchbox. I don’t normally crave fried food but these mushrooms will keep me coming back!


When you’re too hungry to stop and take a picture of your food so you have to go straight to the source…. Learn more about Nazari at
Their specialty: Flatbread wraps inspired by Al-Andalus Moorish Cuisine filled with locally sourced ingredients like hummus, yogurt sauce, almonds, and spices -all wrapped up with your choice of chicken or falafel.

My order: The Falafel Wrap

The twist: Besides being the most vibrant green I’ve ever seen in a falafel, this wrap has pomegranates to thank for making my tastebuds jump for joy. These wraps include both pomegranate molasses and pomegranate seeds to keep your mouth blissfully occupied. (Why doesn’t everyone add this superfood to their wraps?)


Kimchinary Burrito KERB Camden
Thanks @imdiane for letting me use your awesome photo! Check out her mouthwatering feed on Instagram!
Their specialty: Korean Burritos filled with kimchi fried rice and free-range British-bred meats.

My order: Gochujang & Soy Pulled Pork Shoulder Burrito

The twist: Im pretty sure I already gave it away but incase you missed it, I said Korean burritos! Kimchinary clearly proves that burritos are not just for Mexican food anymore! And for this all I can say is: Gracias, Kimchinary! Tus burritos son deliciosos!

Blu Top


Their specialty: ‘Crazy Good’ Ice Cream Sandwiches built before your eyes using their house-made all-natural ice cream in between homemade cookies.

My Order: Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwich with Salted Caramel Sauce

The Twist: Yeah, you could get your ice cream on their deliciously fresh cookies and be perfectly happy. Or….you could try your sandwich on a warm, pressed, buttery brioche bun and open your eyes to what you’ve been missing all your life.

Things to know before you go to KERB Camden 

  • Do a little research before you go. This was a good start so you’re already well on your way but there are a lot of stalls with tons of tempting food. So take a look at KERB’s full list of traders to know your options before you go. That way you can save room for what you’re really craving instead of filling up at the first stall you see.
  • KERB Camden is an outdoor food market so dress for the weather.
  • Visit the market with your favorite foodie friends in order to share each other’s meals, allowing you to try more items.
  • Although there are a few tables, I’d say there’s about a 95% chance you will enjoy your food while standing since people undoubtedly outnumber seats at the market.
  • Pick an off-peek hour if you don’t want to stand in the crowd. Like most uber popular markets this place gets crowded (with a capital-C) during lunch and dinner hours, especially on the weekend. Even on a miserably cold and rainy day I was standing shoulder to shoulder with other food lovers because it was Saturday. ariel-view-of-kerb-camden-market
  • Speaking of crowds….Consider taking the North Line one stop further to Chalk Farm. It’s still less than a 10 minute walk from the station to KERB Camden, but it’s much less crowded than using Camden Town Station.
  • Camden Town Station has access issues. Queues form outside the station on weekends and during peek travel hours (think rush hour) due to overcrowding.
  • Most Importantly: Camden Town Station is exit-only from 1pm to 5:30pm on Sundays so plan accordingly. You will not be able to enter the station during these hours!

Okay, now you are officially ready to conquer KERB Camden! Let’s just pretend calories don’t exist there…agreed? On that notion – Happy eating, Girly Traveler! Now, go on and:

‘Parks & Rec’ lovers unite!!

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    1. KERB has multiple locations around the city with different vendors. This is just one of them! I feel ya, eating is my favorite thing to do on vacation which is what this blog’s all about!

  1. I visited the Camden Market a few years ago and was pleasantly surprised – and had some amazing food at a few of these places. I wish I’d had more time to explore this awesome market!

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