Travel Bloggers’ Favorite European Christmas Markets

As if we needed an excuse to travel to Europe, Christmas is just around the corner and the markets are now in full swing. Locals and tourists alike can’t resist perusing the stalls to hunt for unique handcrafted treasures, stroll under the twinkling lights, and enjoy all the goodies these markets have to offer.

Although Germany is probably the country best known for its Christmas markets, it is far from the only place you can enjoy this festive tradition. In fact, it seems just about every major city in Europe now offers some kind of Christmas Market in their town square. And those that don’t still tend to have special Christmas offerings at their farmer’s markets, like wreaths and handmade ornaments.
Still, there is no better way to immerse yourself into that ‘warm & fuzzy’ feeling that the holiday brings than to experience a Christmas Market with a loved one. Here at Girly Traveler, we have a mild (okay, major!) obsession with these types of markets which is why we asked (female…let’s hear it for the ladies!) Travel Bloggers from around the world to tell us about their favorite European Christmas Markets.
So grab a glass of cocoa, turn up your favorite Christmas tunes, and strap in for a quick trip around Europe! And no, there’s no need to change out of your adorable Christmas jammies! We won’t judge- in fact, we’re already wearing ours! 



Brasov Christmas Market in Brasov, Romania


Presented by Amy and Nathan from Two Drifters

We might be biased because we are here enjoying it right now, but the Brasov Christmas market is magical. It’s not too big, and it’s perfectly quaint, set in the old town square with the gigantic, gleaming Christmas tree as its focal point. With the surrounding mountains, it’s truly idyllic and festive.

Make sure not to miss:

The “vin fiert” or hot wine is a staple of nearly every Christmas market, but you’ll also want to taste the tuica fiarta, a hot (and strong!) plum brandy that will keep you toasty warm while you stroll through the market.

Amy and Nathan are currently exploring Brasov, Romania!

After that they can be found In Romania until February, then tentative plans for Israel, Turkey, & Thailand.

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Advent in Zagreb in Zagreb, Croatia

DCIM101GOPROGOPR1428.Presented by Maja from Mexatia Travel & Expat

In December, Zagreb turns into a city from the fairy tale. Christmas lights, music, good vibe and tons of great food can be found everywhere you go. This market is not just about shopping, it is about having fun. You can use the fact it is being spread all around the city like an excuse for a nice walking tour.

Make sure not to miss:

There is plenty of traditional and international dishes you should try during your visit; all kinds of sausages, waffles and sarma are just some of them. There are two items you just cannot miss – hot and delicious mulled wine, cooked with various spices and perfect to heat you up in cold winter nights, and fritule. Fritule are kind of fritters or small donuts served with chocolate and sprinkled with icing sugar. They are typical winter comfort food which tastes even better if you share them with a friend or your better half!
Maja is currently exploring Zagreb, Croatia!  After that she can be found in Mexico!

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Vienna Christmas Market in Vienna, Austria


Presented by Joanna from The World in my Pocket

My favourite Christmas market has to be the one in Vienna. During the winter holidays the entire city transforms into a huge Christmas market, starting with the main one, in front of the Rathaus and continuing with all the other smaller ones from the parks and the palaces in the city. You can find stands selling mulled wine and sausages at almost every corner of the main streets. I love it so much because it feels like everyone is participating in the festive atmosphere and all the city is beautifully decorated.

Make sure not to miss:

You can’t miss the gluhwein (with an extra shot of Rum to keep you warm while the temperatures drop well below 0) and the punch, both served in a traditional mug which changes its design each year. As for the food, you can’t miss the giant pretzels coated in chocolate, marzipan and other sweet delights, the gingerbread, the Bratwurst (German sausage)  or the baked apples.

Joanna is exploring the United Kingdom.  After that she can be found in Chile and Argentina!

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Stuttgarter Weihnachtsmarkt in Stuttgart, Germany


Presented by Kate from 6 Degrees of Freedom 


I love the intricately decorated stalls which Christmas Markets in other countries don’t seem to have. And even better, I have family in Stuttgart, so catching up on lost years over a warm gluhwein as the snow starts to fall is just magical.

Make sure not to miss:

Lebkuchen is a type of gingerbread and comes in many forms. The most common are large cookies, colorfully decorated with Christmas greetings and are usually seen hanging from stalls throughout the markets. The smaller chocolate coated cookies, filled with apricot jam however, should not be missed either.

Kate is currently exploring Stuttgart, Germany! After that she can be found in Berlin, Germany!

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Budapest Christmas Fair and Winter Festival in Budapest, Hungary

budpest-christmas-marketPresented by Cris from LooknWalk


My favorite Christmas Market is Budapest’s Christmas Fair and Winter Festival, which takes place each year in Vorosmorty Ter. Ideally located at the end of Vaci utca, it offers a variety of things to buy and eat. Hand made ornaments and hand made jewelry are going to make you part with money.

Make sure not to miss:

Hungarian fare is not for the faint of heart. Based on meat, it offers hearty dishes to enjoy. I prefer polenta with sour cream and cheese but if you eat meat, gulyas served in bread is a must try!
Cris is currently exploring Arad, Romania! After that she can be found in Puglia, Italy (to live also for a month.)

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Marché et village de Noël des Champs-Élysées in Paris, France

paris-christmas-marketPresented by Kristine of Explore Love Travel


I love it because it’s the famous Champs-Élysées, the symbol of Paris. From the Christmas market,you’ll have the view over the Arc de Triumph on one end and the ferris wheel on Place de la Concorde on the other. And the entire avenue is illuminated with gorgeous Christmas lights!

Make sure not to miss:

Where do I even start? This is France. Culinary heaven. Raclette, fondue, artisan nougat, chocolate…and so much more. I bought the most delicious handmade salted caramel nougat – from a handsome flirtatious salesman/nougat-maker!
Kristine is currently exploring London! After that she can be found back in France -this time to the Christmas market in Reims (the Champagne region.)

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Edinburgh’s Christmas in Edinburgh, Scotland

edinburgh-christmas-marketPresented by Melly from Girly Traveler


Edinburgh’s Old Town provides the most incredible backdrop for a Christmas market. It’s so beautiful yet surreal, you’ll think you’re on a movie set. The European Christmas Market boasts over 200 Bavarian-style stalls, family rides, and even a Christmas tree maze!

Make sure not to miss:

The pork bun! It has pulled pork with a sliced apple sauce and sage stuffing, all served on a soft bun. Delicious! For dessert I suggest the pistachio marzipan.

Melly is currently exploring London!  After spending the holidays in Cambridge she has her sights on Paris! 


With so many fantastic options for markets, you will undoubtedly find yourself in the Christmas spirit on your wintery trip to Europe. Which Christmas market is at the top of your wish list? 

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