Christmas Lights of London 

Next Christmas make sure to treat yourself to the prettiest lights in town…London Town, that is! Here’s a recap of the experience our founder had while visiting lavish Mayfair: 

‘Twas a week before Christmas and I still felt like something was missing from this holiday season. Even though I was blasting Christmas music since the beginning of December, I was having a hard time feeling Home for the Holidays considering I just moved 4,500 miles from my home and my current residence is still full of unpacked boxes.  I felt like I was missing the twinkle that Christmas can bring…
No, literally. I missed the twinkling lights! It was a week before Christmas and my new street was as dark as molasses. (Did you know British homes are considered decorated simply by displaying a wreath on the door?) It’s lovely seeing all the wreaths lining the street during the day, but come nightfall (3:30pm this time of year) you wouldn’t know if it were the day before Christmas or the middle of January! 

So what’s a Christmas-decoration-loving girl to do? Well, hop a train to London, of course! 

Thanks, Stella McCartney for giving me a taste of the bright lights I’d find at home!

I heard London was the place to see Christmas lights so I booked a weekend getaway to the Mayfair neighborhood of London. Incase you’re not following London’s neighborhoods, Mayfair is full of foreign embassies and beyond beautiful private residences mixed in among luxury hotels. It is located directly next to Hyde Park which becomes a Winter Wonderland this time of year. Actually, you’re probably already familiar with the street that joins the two if you’ve ever played Monopoly. And if you remember how expensive the rent was for Park Place in that game you can imagine how astronomically high it is in real life! So I figured if any area was going to have an elegant display of Christmas lights, Mayfair would be it! 

If you can stomach the crowds, Oxford Street looks like Christmas met New Year’s Eve!

And elegant they were! Walking the streets of Mayfair during Christmas should be on everyone’s wish list to help set the festive mood. So incase you haven’t reached your Christmas light quota yet or if you’re like me and just don’t want the holiday to end consider this gallery my Christmas present to you. I wish you a very happy Christmas full of love! 

Audley Street’s Christmas Lights were my personal favorite

Bond Street

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