Girly Traveler’s Top Pick for 2017 Travel: Edinburgh, Scotland

Thinking about heading north to Edinburgh? You most definitely should! Girly Traveler’s founder recently visited Edinburgh and not only did it top the list of her favorite destinations of 2016, it went onto her Top 10 European destinations of all time. Read about her experience below, including tips to help you plan your trip to Scotland! 


I think I fell in love with Edinburgh before I even stepped foot in Scotland! I found out about our move about 6 months before we actually relocated so I had A LOT of time to research (and gawk at UK based Instagram feeds.) I actually started wishing we were moving to Scotland because it is just so picturesque! So naturally, Edinburgh went straight to the top of my travel wish list. Seeing it in person definitely did not disappoint! With the mix of architecture between its mediaeval Old Town and not-so-new New Town my husband and I both agreed it’s one of the prettiest cities we’ve ever visited.
On top of being the gorgeous capital city of Scotland, Edinburgh is also quite the Mecca for Foodies. With over 1,700 restaurants and a wide showcase of international cuisines, Edinburgh offers just about something for everyone. Plus, the food is really good -okay, maybe more than ‘really good’ considering four of the city’s restaurants have claimed Michelin stars.


Since this is just the tip of the iceberg of what Edinburgh has to offer, it’s no surprise I fell in love. And I’m sure you’ll adore it as well, which is why I’ve created some travel tips to help fuel your trip planning.

What to know about traveling to Edinburgh:

  1. The city is full of hills! Pack the appropriate shoes to conquer these (sometimes steep) hills.
  2. Old Town and New Town are completely different, but both are lovely. Research each to decide which area contains more of the attractions you wish to experience. Choose to stay in that area to reduce the number of hills you’ll need to tackle -your calves will thank you!
  3. For the foodies: Most of the top rated restaurants are located in New Town. Make your reservations before you go. Also, make sure to pop into coffee shops. Both Old Town and New Town are sprinkled with charming coffee shop that all offer unique teas and cakes.

This is just a snippet of tips that I created. See the rest, including my favorite things to do there, in this interview I did for Story V.

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Happy planning, you amazing Girly Traveler!

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