5 Reasons Girly Travelers Will Love Aladdin – The Musical

Everyone should treat themselves to a West End show when visiting London.  But with so many spectacular options, picking a show to enjoy could quickly become overwhelming.  No worries- we’re here to help! We’ve taken in many musicals – leaving us dazzled by the lights and humming the songs stuck in our heads- all to come up with the best recommendation for you.  So we can without a doubt tell you that Aladdin is THE show to see right now!

Being a girly traveler, we’re sure you need no reminding of the story of Aladdin. So we’ll skip the introductions and get straight to the good stuff – like how we couldn’t have dreamed up a more charismatic Genie. In fact, this Genie is the most charismatic character we’ve seen on stage. Ever. And just wait until you see The Cave of Wonders! As if all it’s sparkling splendor wasn’t visually enticing enough, its combined with a routine that is so delightful we’ve never heard a more enthusiastic crowd after a musical number during a show. 

Disney Theatrical Productions presents Aladdin starring Trevor Dion Nicholas (Genie)

There are so many things you’ll love about Aladdin on London’s West End. Here are our top picks of what you’ll adore about the show. 

5 Reasons Girly Travelers will Love Aladdin:

1. The Nostalgia

If you can believe it, this year will mark 25 years since Aladdin stole the heart of Princess Jasmine – and every girl who dreamed of a boy whisking her away to experience A Whole New World. But for our sanity – and vanity – we’ll pretend that’s not true and just focus on how we still get butterflies every time we hear that song…and all our other favorites, which are all in the show. 

Aladdin at the Prince Edward Theatre London, starring: Dean John-Wilson (Aladdin) and Jade Ewen (Jasmine)

2. The New Additions

It’s like they made one of our favorite childhood movies even better! On top of tapping your feet along to those catchy songs from the movie, several new songs have been added to delight your inner child. Plus, there are a few new sidekicks to love on. But the best addition may just be all the pop-culture-relevant jokes which bring this beloved story into modern times. 

Aladdin at the Prince Edward Theatre London, starring: Nathan Amzi (Babkak), Stephen Rahman-Hughes (Kassim), Rachid Sabitri (Omar) choreographed by Casey Nicholaw

3. The ‘Hunk-in-a-Trunk’ Factor

Toward the beginning of the show the Genie jokes that everyone in Agrabah has 0% body fat. Combine this with the fact that the story takes place in a steamy dessert and what do you get? Shirtless palace guards, sidekicks, and, of course, hunky Aladdin dancing around in open vests providing nearly two hours of eye candy. No need to rub the lamp- your wish has already been granted! 

Aladdin, music by Alan Menken, lyrics by Howard Ashman and Tim Rice, book and additional lyrics by Chad Beguelin at the Prince Edward Theatre London

4. The Beautiful Visuals

The sets are oh, so dreamy, romantic, and whimsical. There’s often a glow of pink, orange, or purple hues illuminating lace-like structures providing the backdrop to a tale that makes our hearts flutter. All the women’s costumes come in either beautiful jewel-toned or shimmering pastel fabrics worthy of a souk. And remember how you adored Jasmine’s outfit when you were growing up? Just wait until you see her wedding dress! You’re going to swoon! 

Disney Theatrical Productions under the direction of Thomas Schumacher presents Aladdin

5. The Disney Touch

Disney has done it again! They have a way of creating masterpieces which instantly become phenomenal classics. So expect the show to feel like an experience that draws you in. And there may be a surprise visual effect or two. We hate spoilers so all we’ll say is make sure to cover your glass of wine at the end of Prince Ali. Oh, and ‘Ba-Da-Ba-Da-Ba!’ That’ll make sense after you see the show. (Actually, you won’t be able to get it out of your head!) 

So grab a date, your girl friends, or even your children (the show is a perfect choice for everyone) and head down to Prince Edward Theatre in London’s West End to experience this magical musical for yourself.  Go on, you amazing Girly Traveler and -to quote the Genie – “Treat Yo Self! Every day’s a cheat day!”

A huge thank you to Disney and the amazing people at Aladdin The Musical for letting us use these gorgeous production photographs!

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6 thoughts on “5 Reasons Girly Travelers Will Love Aladdin – The Musical

  1. Oh my goodness. This production looks impeccable!! I see what you mean about the eye candy here for sure. My daughters would both love this show as well. The costumes are incredible! And the set is really detailed. I would love it if this toured around NA and stopped in my city or even in Toronto. I would take the kids to see it for sure.

  2. !! The costumes are so pretty! I would love to go see this. I am definitely a girly traveler too lol Loving the pink 🙂

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